Medica 81 operates in the field of occupational medicine, offering the companies a series of services aimed at “prevention” and “protection” of workers’ health .

The advanced competence of the specialized occupational doctors, allows to be able to supply to the companies, a qualified service of “Health Surveillance” through an accurate definition of the health protocols.

The speed and timeliness with which Medica 81 deals with the complete management and organization of medical and / or nursing services, is certainly a distinctive trait, which guarantees excellent qualified levels for the services performed.

Our priority is to satisfy the needs and demands of each individual company, trying to optimize and “minimize” the “waiting times” for the worker and the costs for the employer.

The Medica 81 team has qualified professionals in this field, boasts collaborators able to provide excellent management both for what concerns the training process for Health Surveillance, and for periodic visits, as required by current regulations.